cpx online active AG has the ability to provide large amounts of data. Always up to date. Always fresh.
  • own database with about 15 million opt-ins from all over Europe
  • 70% of opt-ins generated within the last 12 months
  • up to 50 criteria for your selection (age, spending capacity, gender, etc.)


The big success factors of our telephone records are constantly high performance and the ability to deliver large amounts.
  • acquisition in premium environments only
  • observance of blacklists
  • comparison with existing data
  • low frequency to conserve data


Mobile phones offer a lot of new possibilities and chances for marketing. By this means cpx online active AG is in the position to reach millions of users.
  • technical handling by specialized service provider
  • on-demand support including campaign creation
  • broad coverage through successive data preparation
  • favourable pricing